Mapping the Liferay document store to your network

As the Liferay document store is used by YHCS as a shared drive across the company, it only makes sense that you can save documents to it without needing to go to the website everytime to do so. To achieve this easier process (WebDAV), we can map Liferay to our network.

Step 1 - Getting the WebDAV URL

Start by visiting the YHCS Liferay document store. You can do so by clicking here.

Once on the the document store homepage, click the small dropdown arrow next to the home button on the left hand side of the page (see image below). Then select the option 'Access from Desktop'.

You will then be presented with a greyed-out WebDAV URL on a white iFrame (see image below). Simply click on the URL to highlight it, right click and select 'copy', (or press Control + C). *Please note that when you hover over the URL you will see a red warning circle. Don't worry, this is to indicate that it is not possible to edit this link.

Step 2- Using the WebDAV URL

You're almost done! Now, minimise your web browser and open up My Computer. Simply right click on Computer and select Map Network Drive.

The Map Network Drive menu the then ask you which letter you would like your new drive to be and the folder you would like to connect to. Firstly, choose a letter from the dropdown. It will automatically assign you but you can of course change this. Here we're mapping it to the Z drive. When you have chosen a letter, click in the folder field, right click and select paste (or press Control + V). Click finish and you will be prompted to enter your Liferay login credentials. Once you have entered these, a new drive will be mapped to your network and will be visable in My Computer. Now wasn't that simple!

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We strongly recommend using Firefox or Chrome when using Liferay. Some functions do not work correctly in older versions of Internet Explorer.